Dr. Aregash Samuel

Dr. Aregash Samuel

The coordinator of the NIPN project

Aregash SamuelDr. Aregash Samuel is researcher at the food science and nutrition research directorate of the Ethiopian Public Health Institute (EPHI). She is also a coordinator for the NIPN project. In this capacity, she is responsible for coordinating the ongoing nutrition-related projects at EPHI. Dr. Aregash has been working in a different position (including director and team leader at EPHI). She also participated in different research activities as principal investigator (PI) and co-PI, authored and co-authored scientific papers.

She is also a member of the institutional review board (IRB) of EPHI. Currently, Dr. Aregash is also actively engaged in various projects including developing the National Nutrition Survey 2021. Before joining EPHI, Aregash was an accreditation expert at Higher Education Relevance and Quality Agency (HERQA) and expert in curriculum development at Federal Ministry of Education of Ethiopia focusing on accreditation of higher education institutes in the different discipline at HREQA and designing curriculum for employable skills in technical vocational education and training. Dr. Aregash has a Ph.D. in Nutrition and Health Sciences from Wageningen University and Research (WUR), the Netherlands, and a Master's degree in Food Science and Nutrition from Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, India. In her research works so far she supervised 8 masters' students from WUR.  

Dr. Aregash Senior Researcher, NIPN coordinator

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