Training conducted on Resources Tracking and Partnership Management (RTPM)

Training conducted on Resources Tracking and Partnership Management (RTPM)

ADAMA - August 03, 2023 (NIPN/EPHI) - A two-day training program on Resource Tracking and Partnership Management (RTPM) was held here last week at Adama Medical College (Hailemariam Hospital). The training brought together 26 professionals from various Weredas, Zones of Oromia Regional State, partner organizations, and universities.

The primary focus of the training was to equip participants with the skills necessary for identifying and collecting Wereda profiles, resource tracking, and mapping to identify potential, critical and relevant Wereda partners.

The training session emphasized both theoretical and practical exercises. The participants were divided into six groups and engaged in hands-on practice of Real-Time Performance Monitoring training at the college's e-learning center. The training encompassed various aspects such as generating resource tracking and partnership management report, interpreting the data, and utilizing partnership mapping techniques using RTPM webpage.

The training program was sponsored by World Vision, which is a prominent member of the Right- to-Grow Project Consortium, which includes Max Foundation, the Hunger Project, Action Against Hunger and World Vision. The training was given to representatives of two Weredas of Oromia Regional State, which are part of the Right to Grow Project's beneficiary areas. Next week, the training will continue in two more Weredas as part of the consortium's program.

The Right to Grow Project is engaged in policy advocacy and collaborating on the implementation of the Seqota Declaration with the goal of ending stunting by 2030.

At the conclusion of the training program, participants developed an action plan outlining major activities to be completed within a specified timeframe and identifying the individual or team responsible for each task.

An interview held with one of the trainers, Beza Teshome, Data Manager and Assistant Researcher at EPHI, revealed that the training program provided a valuable platform for participants to acquire new knowledge on resource tracking and partnership management. The training was deemed a success, and participants left with a deeper understanding of resource tracking and partnership management.

The trainees appreciated the initiative taken to organize the training program. EfremTadesse, a participant from Agriculture Office of West Guji Zone, said that he was able to gain new and in-depth knowledge on how to identify malnourished children and manage their condition. The participants also acquired useful knowledge on data collection and management as well as resource tracking and partnership management. The training program is expected to have a positive impact on our work and enable us to better serve our communities, Efrem said.

Another trainee Amanuel Kelebro, Project Assistant at NIPN-Ethiopia said that he participated in the Seqota Declaration resource tracking and partnership training program, which has provided him with essential skills and knowledge to understand and monitor resource utilization for sustainable development. “The program utilized comprehensive practical exercises and expert-led sessions to teach me how to effectively track resources, assess their impact, and identify opportunities for optimization,” Amanuel said adding that the training has been invaluable in equipping him with tools needed to contribute to sustainable development efforts. (NIPN/EPHI)