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National Information Platform for Nutrition Communication Strategy

NIPN-Ethiopia finalized its communication strategy aiming to bridge effective communication among the stakeholders, including researchers, decisions makers, implementers and the general public.As a key platform supporting the implementation of the national Food and Nutrition Policy, the NIPN aims to deliver evidence to decision makers in a timely manner. Successful implementation of the NIPN is built on the assumption that communication between researchers and decision makers can be challenging.To address existing communication challenges that hamper evidence-based decision making, a coordinated and comprehensive NIPN Communication Strategy was finalized in March 2020.The NIPN Communication Strategy identifies the relevant communication challenges, maps out the NIPN activities which require communication, links those activities to specific audiences, defines the key messages and proposes the different communication channels for each audience here.

Ministry of Agriculture and Natural resource Nutrition Sensitive agriculture draft Strategic Plan

Ethiopia has undertaken a far reaching program of economic reforms over the last decades and the economy has registered rapid growth rates averaging 11 percent annum over the past seven years placing Ethiopia among the top performing economics in sub Saharan Africa and the government has made poverty and hunger reduction its top priorities

ETH 2016 Growth and Transformation  Plan II

This rapid growth performance and its sustainability are primarily the result of the development policies and strategies the Government has been pursuing during the last two decades, as well as 6 the active participation of the public in the execution of these strategies. In 2013/2014, for the first time in the history of the country, its sovereign rating was assessed by three international credit rating agencies. Their assessment reports have well recognized the broad based economic growth and development performance of the country

health sector transformation plan

Ethiopia has implemented successive Health SectorDevelopment Plans (HSDPs) since 1997 in four phases. During
this period, our country has made huge strides in improving access to health services and improvements in health
outcomes. Ethiopia’s health indicators have been remarkably improved from one of the worst in Sub-Saharan Africa toamongst the stand out performers in just two decades. The lives of millions of children have been saved, millions of new infections and death from communicable diseases such as HIV, malaria, and tuberculosis have been averted. All this was done while building a health system that can sustain the gains over the long term.

United Nations Development Assistance Framework For Ethiopia

Following the mainstreaming of the Sustainable Development Goals into the GTP II, the UNDAF is also directly linked to the SDGs relevant to the Ethiopia context. This provides a solid foundation for close collaboration between the Government and the UN system in localizing and rolling out the SDGs during the life cycle of the UNDAF 2016 _2020

Infant Formula and Follow-up Formula Directive June

“Infant formula” means breast milk substitute formulated industrially in accordance with applicable standards to satisfy the normal nutritional requirements of infants up to six months of age and adapted to their physiological characteristicsFollow-up formula” means a milk or milk-like product of animal or vegetable origin formulated industrially in accordance with the appropriate standard for follow-up formula and marketed or otherwise represented as suitable for feeding infants and young children from the sixth month on up to three year of age

National School Health and Nutrition Strategy

The Ministry of Education is responsible for gearing the younger generation towards better working potential and productivity, equipping students with the necessary knowledge including health and nutrition. To this end, the Ministry has developed a National School Health and Nutrition Strategy