Quarterly Regular Meeting of Monitoring, Evaluation and Research Steering Committee Conducted successfully

Quarterly Regular Meeting of Monitoring, Evaluation and Research Steering Committee Conducted successfully

BAHIR-DAR– July 26, 2023 (EPHI/NIPN) – A meeting of National Food and Nutrition Strategy, the Monitoring, Evaluation and Research Steering Committee (MER SC) was conducted in the Capital of Amhara Regional State, Bahir-Dar last week. Present on the occasion were head of the Amhara Region Health Bureau, Dr. Melkamu Abte and Deputy Director General of the Ethiopian Public Health Institute (EPHI), Dr. Getachew Tolera.

Welcoming participants, Director of Food Science and Nutrition Research Directorate (FSNRD), Masresha Tessema (PhD) said that the day-long meeting would discuss primarily the progress made in baseline assessment of the Multi-Sectoral Approach for Stunting Reduction Project (MASReP). Masresha acknowledged the substantial work accomplished thus far and emphasized the collective responsibility to achieve even more in the future.

The guest of honor, Dr Melkamu Abte said on the occasion that much has been done on the Seqota Declaration in such a way that all actors can boost cooperation among themselves. “Our activity would not stop at a generation. It is rather intergenerational activity. We have made progress; but we need to do much better. Our work has shown us that unless we collaborate, we cannot solve our problems,” Melkamu said. He also lauded the initiative taken by NIPN/EPHI to organize the workshop in Bahir-Dar City.  Dr. Melkamu also appreciated all who are striving hard to prevent stunting at the national level.

Dr. Getachew Tolera, Deputy Director General of EPHI said in his opening address that the Seqota Declaration is a model for us to resolve the nutrition problem at national level. The Deputy Director also stressed that efforts should be intensified to address the stunting problem, which is “the worst form of malnutrition”. Dr. Getachew also underscored that intensive efforts should be exerted to meet the objectives of the Seqota Declaration. He has appreciated the decision made to hold the workshop in Bahir-Dar. He expressed satisfaction for being part of the national meeting.

Activity progress reports were presented on the occasion by different researchers of signatory bodies of the MER SC. Fisiha Tekle from the Ministry of Health (MoH), Tsedey Moges from EPHI, Abera Dibaba from MoH, Frezer Zewdu of MoH, Abdrahim Seid from MoTRI, Habtamu Zeru from Ministry of Agriculture (MoA), Dr. Fraol Bekele from The Ethiopian Disaster Risk Management Commission (EDRMC), Dawit Azeze from Ministry of Education (MoE), Tiru Belete from Ministry of Women and Social Affairs (MoWSA), Adamu Belay (PhD) from EPHI, Deginet Teferi from Bahir-Dar University (BDU) and Masresha Minwiye from the Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Research were among partners who presented their respective progress reports on which participants held extensive discussions.

Led by Dr. Masresha Tessema, FSNRD Director, participants of the meeting observed a minute of silence for those who have lost their lives in the line of duty during the data collection of the MASReP Study.  

Following the day-long meeting, STATA Training was given to Researchers drawn from Signatories to the MER SC for two days. Data Experts from EPHI, International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) and a professor from the University of Gonder were involved in providing the STATA Training.

Researchers drawn from various ministries, research institutes, sector signatories, the Amhara Regional Health Bureau, the Amhara Regional Public Health Institute, higher learning institutions, donor agencies, and different directorates from EPHI were in attendance at the national meeting. (EPHI/NIPN)