NIPN-Ethiopia holds bi-annual plan execution meeting

NIPN-Ethiopia holds bi-annual plan execution meeting

ADAMA – September 04, 2023 (NIPN/EPHI) – National Information Platforms for Nutrition-Ethiopia (NIPN-Ethiopia) held its bi-annual plan execution meeting in Adama Town on 04 September 2023.

Opening the meeting, NIPN-Ethiopia Coordinator, Aregash Samuel (PhD) said that the entire NIPN-Ethiopia staff members would appraise the activities that have been accomplished as per the set plan for 2023 FY. “This forum will give us the chance to discuss our progress, with particular focus on the activities, carried out over the past six months. But more emphasis will be given to delayed activities and efforts should be made to design and work on remedial actions for their execution,” Dr. Aregash said.

In the half-day meeting, the achievements and challenges of the last six months activities of NIPN-Ethiopia were reflected on and discussed. Participants exchanged views on the operational cycle and policy question formulation. They were briefed on the efforts put forth to formulate policy questions based on stakeholders’ priorities or needs, how the data at hand is analyzed and finalized as evidence to respond to questions, and how the findings are communicated… There were also reflections on challenges encountered in the course of accomplishing all the activities.  

The other issues raised for discussion were the end-user policy outputs finding, the overall biannual achievements of the project that include the budget, timeliness, extent to which project outputs or outcome, sustainability and future opportunities…

The meeting also discussed how NIPN-Ethiopia disseminated output and detailed description of visibility materials. What communication channels and tools were used to reach the audience, and what were the challenges faced while accomplishing this activity? These were among the issues touched on during the discussion. Views, comments, and suggestions were also given on how to improve the quality of photographs being posted on the NIPN-Ethiopia webpage and how all staff members collaborate in promoting activities using Twitter and other social media platforms.

The meeting has put at length how the delayed activities should receive their remedial treatments. As many of them were delayed for various reasons, they were redesigned in such a way that they could definitely be executed. Therefore, the activities were revisited and redesigned, with tasks assigned to staff members who were believed to be the most responsible in their accomplishments. (NIPN/EPHI).