NIPN holds farewell lunch event for Manuel Ancillotti, EU International Aid Cooperation Officer, Program Manager

NIPN holds farewell lunch event for Manuel Ancillotti, EU International Aid Cooperation Officer, Program Manager


ADDIS ABABA – October 11, 2023 (NIPN/EPHI) – The National Information Platform for Nutrition (NIPN) held a farewell lunch event for Manuel Ancillotti, EU International Aid Cooperation Officer and Program Manager, who is leaving office as of October 27, 2023.

Ethiopian Public Health Institute (EPHI), Research Advisor, to Deputy Director General Office, Dr. Asefa Deressa, said at the farewell lunch event that it was a privilege for NIPN/EPHI to work with the EU on many development projects being carried out to address health issues. Dr. Asefa said that EPHI is grateful for the close support the EU has been giving to NIPN/EPHI. Hoping that the EU will keep doing the same in the future, Asefa extended his appreciation on behalf of EPHI and on his own behalf to Mr. Ancillotti for his close follow-up to facilitate development works with NIPN in particular and EPHI in general.

Food Science and Nutrition Research Directorate of EPHI, Dr. Masresha Tessema, said on the occasion that the EU has done a lot of work in partnership with NIPN. Dr. Masresha said that the contribution of the EU is fuel for the efforts NIPN is putting forth in the health sector. This has been realized with the appreciable collaboration and follow-up of all staff members of the EU in general and Mr. Manuel Ancillotti in particular.

“Mr. Ancillotti, you are our great support. It was great to work with you. I should seize this opportunity to thank you for your wonderful support of NIPN. However, it is unfortunate that here we are to say good-bye to you on your departure from the EU,” Dr. Masresha said.

Coordinator of NIPN, Dr. Aregash Samuel, said that NIPN is very lucky to work with the EU. NIPN has had a good opportunity to receive support from the EU in a bid to proceed with its development activities, according to Dr. Aregash. She is of the opinion that had it not been for the hardworking and kind people of the EU, like Mr. Ancillotti, the favorable relations between NIPN and the EU would not have been fruitful.

“We have good collaboration with the EU. Manuel, you were very instrumental in our success. I thank you on behalf of NIPN, my colleagues, and on my own behalf. I wish you all the best in your future career. I can tell you, this is not the end of our relationship, but we all want to acknowledge your support,” Dr. Aregash said.

Representing GIZ, Dr. Archana Sarkar said that she appreciated the support of Mr. Ancillotti with NIPN’s projects. She extended her thanks to the EU and Ancillotti.

Representing the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI), Tirsit Genye has also thanked Mr. Ancillotti for his kind support of NIPN and collaboration with IFPRI.

Mr. Manuel Ancillotti said at last that he was delighted to be assigned to Ethiopia and have the opportunity to work with NIPN/EPHI. He appreciated the professionals working with NIPN. “I believe in what you are doing with NIPN. That’s why I have worked to the best of my capacity to support in my portfolio, NIPN’s project was the one which I was very involved. I also thank you for your success at your conference in Brussels and Germany,” Ancillotti said.

Mr. Ancillotti recognized NIPN’s involvement in food and nutrition strategy. “I acknowledge your involvement in a multi-wide range of activities addressing malnutrition,” he said.

Mr. Manuel Ancillotti also appreciated the efforts of the communication sector of NIPN. “Considering the communication, NIPN’s Newsletter being posted on the website is very organized,” he said.

Ancillotti expressed appreciation for the acknowledgement given to him by NIPN and EPHI. “I appreciate that you acknowledged my commitment. I really thank you all,” he said.

He has also encouraged NIPN to keep on doing great work and pledged to continue with his support. “I will make efforts to continue supporting NIPN. The success is there,” he said. 

Available source indicates that Manuel Ancillotti is an agronomist (MSc.) holding a post-graduate Specialization diploma in Tropical and Sub-tropical Agriculture. Mr. Ancillotti has 30 years of professional experience in development cooperation / aid management in the domains of rural development, agriculture, and food security. Manuel is an experienced Program Manager and Team Leader. He has served for over 22 years in the field (Africa and the Middle East) as an implementer of long term agriculture development and capacity building projects and EU program manager at EU Delegations (ongoing).

Mr. Manuel Ancillotti has served in Ethiopia for two years. (NIPN/EPHI)