National Information Platform for Nutrition, Amhara Public Health Institute sign MoU on cascading projects to region

National Information Platform for Nutrition, Amhara Public Health Institute sign MoU on cascading projects to region


ADDIS ABABA – November 03, 2023 – (NIPN/EPHI) - The National Information Platform for Nutrition (NIPN) and the Amhara Public Health Institute (APHI) signed here last Wednesday a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on cascading NIPN-Ethiopia’s project to the Amhara region.

Representing NIPN, Deputy Director General of the Ethiopian Public Health Institute (EPHI), Dr. Getachew Tollera, and on behalf of APHI, Institute Director General, Belay Bezabih, signed the MoU. The two signatories, EPHI and APHI, have thus agreed to proceed with their mutual goals. The agreement, which will be developed in a detailed manner, incorporates the scope of joint planned activities.

Dr. Getachew Tolera said on the occasion that the cascading was processed based on the National and Global NIPN directives on the significance of delegating or bringing down projects to capable partners. APHI was selected based on the criteria set by an independent body, which was hired for this particular purpose, Dr. Getachew said.

The Deputy Director General said that the cascading issue was initially raised, encouraged by the efforts NIPN-Ethiopia has shown in accomplishing its activities. The initial trend was that all activities should be carried out with the sole involvement of NIPN-EPHI. But the progress being made by NIPN initiated the significance of cascading, according to Dr. Getachew.

He urged APHI not to bind itself to service delivery but to become an exemplary role model. “It is only then that we can have more projects to be accomplished. As an institute that renders services to the people, our intention or plan is not to achieve Excellency but perfection,” Dr. Getachew said.

He further said that the plan stipulated by EPHI-NIPN is to become the regional hub of the Global NIPN. Therefore, the best execution of our joint works is a determining factor for our success,” he underscored.

EPHI, Deputy Director General, underscored that APHI’s success is regarded as the success of or capability of Ethiopia at large. “The capability of APHI and its best execution will help the promotion of the cascading to other regions,” Dr. Getachew said.

APHI generates evidence that can serve national, regional, and global interests. “NIPN-Ethiopia has this in mind while planning to cascade project activities to national regions,” Dr. Getachew said.

The Deputy Director General appreciated the efforts being put forth by APHI in accomplishing projects in the health and nutrition sectors. “Therefore, APHI Director General, Belay Bezabih, and employees of the institute, you got this opportunity on the basis of your best performance, and I would like to seize this opportunity to congratulate you,” Dr. Getachew said.

APHI Director General, Belay Bezabih, said on his part that his Institute would do its level best to accomplish projects that would be cascaded from NIPN-EPHI. “I would like to tell you that we execute our responsibility to the best of our capacity,” Belay said.   

The National Information Platform for Nutrition (NIPN) was launched in Ethiopia in 2018. The NIPN promotes evidence-based decision making for nutrition and supports the implementation of the National Food and Nutrition Policy and Strategy.

The NIPN produces evidence-based information to inform national policymakers and program planners and to support their decisions for improved nutrition. It convenes research findings through clear communication and actionable messages. (NIPN/EPHI)