Sidama Public Health Institute expresses commitment to cascade NIPN’s projects in the region

Sidama Public Health Institute expresses commitment to cascade NIPN’s projects in the region


Hawassa - May 09, 2024 (NIPN) - Sidama Public Health Institute (SiPHI), which has been selected to delegate duties of NIPN-Ethiopia in Sidama Region, expressed readiness to meet the expectations. The Director General of SiPHI, Dr. Damene Debalke, said at a consultative pre-inception discussion held last Wednesday here that SiPHI’s technical and professional capacity would enable it to promote the public health programs of NIPN-Ethiopia in the region.

Dr. Damene stated that “with our highly skilled health data and research professionals, along with a state-of-the-art regional laboratory and an enabling working environment, we are fully equipped to meet public expectations”.

NIPN-Ethiopia Coordinator, Dr. Aregash Samuel, expressed hope that SiPHI, which was selected as one of the two sub-regional institutions to cascade NIPN’s programs, would do exemplary work across the region. “NIPN-Ethiopia is grateful to work in partnership with SiPHI to better serve the community,” Dr. Aregash said.

She further said that SiPHI should be proud of its achievement in winning the competition held to select two cascading sub-regional public health institutions. “Your efforts, professional and technical capacity enabled you to emerge victorious among the six sub-regional contesting public health institutions. You are one of the two winners. I would like to seize this opportunity to call up on all professionals at the institute to work diligently in a bid to achieve much better,” Dr. Aregash said.

Representing Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), Dr. Archana Sarkar, advisor to NIPN-Ethiopia said on the occasion that SiPHI should accomplish activities in compliance with the rules and regulations of NIPN-Ethiopia, and other supporting partners, including GIZ. Project proposals and financial expenditures should be done as per the directives given by NIPN-Ethiopia, according to her. Archana expounded on how GIZ is working with NIPN-Ethiopia. 

Dr. Archana also briefed the discussants about the procedure and the study outcomes that enabled SiPHI to be selected as one of the sub-regional cascading partners of NIPN-Ethiopia.

Representing the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI), which provides technical support to NIPN-Ethiopia, Dr. Taddesse Zerfu expressed hope that SiPHI would achieve what is expected of it. The initiative taken to emerge victorious in the selection process indicates that SiPHI can do a lot, according to Dr. Taddesse. 

Attendees were briefed about the objectives, missions, and goals of NIPN-Ethiopia by its coordinator, Dr. Aregash Samuel.

Speaking about SiPHI, the Director of Research and Technology Transfer Directorate with SiPHI, Temesgen Tadele, said that SipHI was established in 2021 with the mission of protecting and promoting the health of the people in Sidama Region through comprehensive evidence-based approaches, laboratory services, and public health emergency management.

Nutrition Early Warning and Surveillance Officer at Public Health Emergency Management (PHEM) with SiPHI, Million G/Kidan, said while briefing activities being undertaken by PHEM that SiPHI is working in 38 Woredas of the region on food and nutrition emergency activities in partnership with various national and international partners that include UNICEF, WFP, FHI-360, NI, WHO, and EPHI.

Director General of SiPHI, Dr. Damene, said at length that his institution would strive hard to achieve better outcomes while being supported by development partners. “SiPHI is thankful for partners who are providing technical and financial support. EPHI is encouraging our efforts by donating materials and financial support. We received field vehicles and financial support from EPHI,” Dr. Damene said.

According to available sources, there are 27 hospitals, including one specialized, 137 health centers, and 553 health posts that are rendering services to 4.7 million people in Sidama Region.

Sixteen people drawn from NIPN-Ethiopia, GIZ, IFPRI, and SiPHI were in attendance at the consultative discussion held in the conference room of SiPHI in Hawassa City. (NIPN).