The two-day NIPN-GIZ Joint Training on Gender, Nutrition Concluded Successfully

The two-day NIPN-GIZ Joint Training on Gender, Nutrition Concluded Successfully

ADAMA - May 17, 2024 (NIPN) - NIPN-Ethiopia, in collaboration with Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), hosted a two-day training on Gender and Nutrition here last week.

Representing Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), Dr. Archana Sarkar, advisor to the NIPN-Ethiopia Project, said that the Gender-Nutrition Training was planned to be given to researchers including health and nutrition professionals in a bid to intensify the integration of gender into nutrition, data management, and programming. Archana believes that the training has increased awareness among the trainees of gender-related concepts.

"GIZ has been collaborating with partners to conduct similar training for researchers, university instructors, representatives from sectoral offices, and others. So far, GIZ, in collaboration with NIPN/EPHI, has organized similar training on Gender and Nutrition in Adama Town in September 2023," she said. Archana was one of the two trainers who participated in providing the training.


The Gender Training covered topics including, among others, the difference between gender and equality, gender-based violence, gender representativeness, gender responsiveness, women empowerment, and bringing about a sense of self-worth.

Participants were made to be aware of gender-related concepts, the significance of considering the issue of gender in day-to-day activities, and creating smooth relationships by becoming gender sensitive. Trainees were divided into groups to boost awareness through the practical application of activities.

Archana said that efforts were made to become much more aware of the significance of promoting the integration of gender with nutrition-related research and activities. She further said that attempts were made to cover topics that were thought to be important for the trainees.

Some participants expressed the view that similar training should be given to others. “Since the purpose is geared toward creating a better society, all should have the opportunity to get trained on this. This is a valuable and engaging initiative aimed at fostering a healthier generations and bringing about favorable relationships among the community,” they noted.

Over 24 health and nutrition professionals, senior researchers from academia, research institutes, and sectoral offices are in attendance at the Training hosted jointly by NIPN-Ethiopia and GIZ at the Hillside Hotel in Adama Town. (NIPN).